Below is a quote from the book, Into The Next Towns by Bob Riggenbach, as reported by Bob Haines.

Jim: I have a book written by a dear and simple brother who went to Peru in utmost simplicity in the 60s. The following is the letter written by the district priest concerning a convert that this Bob Riggenbach brought to the Lord.

“I write you these lines to remind you that the religion of Peru, protected by the government, is the Roman Catholic religion in which you were baptized. The certificate of that baptism is in the archives of this parish. I have heard that you have let yourself be carried away by deception and your own ignorance, have betrayed your church and have become an evangelical. It is unbelievable that this should happen to you, a conscientious person. I hope that you will leave your error and follow the true light which is the Catholic church, the only true religion of Christ. I also want to point out to you that you can no longer hold a position of authority in your town since the governor is the representative of the government and must be Catholic by law in a town where the majority are Catholic. For this reason I will advise the sub -prefect of this matter and he will replace you. Further, I advise you that the Catholic church is the only one that has liberty in our country to publicly preach their faith. The rest, like the evangelicals, can only meet privately without any public expression of their faith. I have learned that your son Jeronimo, who is a tremendous hypocrite, and who God has already punished by making his cow to die, is talking openly in your town about this false religion of Luther. Tell him to stop. If not I will have him taken to Chivay and then we will see what will happen. Also understand that your baptismal certificate on file here will be destroyed now that you no longer believe in the catholic baptism, as proved by your having been baptized by that foriegner. Let the gringo give you a certificate of baptism, then we shall see if this certificate is acceptable in legal and inheritance matters. I hope you will realize the gravity of your error and return to the unity of the faith in the Catholic church. May God and the mother of Jesus Christ who you most certainly belittle as evangelicals, illuminate you and save you from the tremendous darkness into which you have fallen by deceit, and perhaps for hope of material gain. He that looks for treasures in this world will be without treasures in the heavenly reign. Be careful. Your friend who esteems you highly and desires your salvation in the true church of Christ. The first chance I get I’ll be visiting you in your town to discover the truth of what has happened. Until then, may the virgin Mary bless you and make you to see the light. Maximo Malaga del Carpio”