Dear Ones,

We arrived Seattle yesterday and are staying at son John’s home in Kirkland until next Wednesday. We are delighted to be returning home, while also being very sorrowful to be leaving Maekhlong and Thailand and the lovely people there. We will greatly miss both the members of the church who endeared themselves to us immeasurably, and also the unbelievers we much enjoyed getting to know and to whom we gave an intro to the Gospel. In some of the latter we sense the stirrings of receptivity toward the Lord Jesus Christ and the eternal life and salvation that God offers through faith in His Son. There were many individuals our parting from whom was quite painful for us; several of them also showed indications of being similarly pained.

The last few days of our stay were devoted to “Jesus filmâ€? distribution. To each of about 90 people in Samut Songkhram (Maekhlong) we gave VCD’s. Those are people with whom we had been cultivating acquaintance during our 3+ months there. After receiving a VCD, one young man sought us out to explicitly express interest in learning more, and another, a young nursing student, strongly implied the same. In neither case was our Thai language adequate to that task, so we connected them with the local church which is the better option in any case. We are joyful and thankful to God for His having entrusted us with this work and that He allowed us to see intimations of potential fruit.

After leaving Samut Songkhram we stayed four days in Bangkok in preparation for the flights to Seattle. Those four days coincided with “Songkhran� which is Thailand’s new year (per the Buddhist calendar) and biggest holiday. It lasts four days with many varied aspects of celebrating the best known of which is young people thronging the streets, dousing one another as well as even strangers with water and, sometimes, powder. The Thais are a festive people, they love to celebrate holidays in colorful, beautiful, harmless ways. This year’s Songkhran was marred by concurrent political protest demonstrations and civil disturbances, but they were far less dangerous than implied by the local international media, both of which did inflammatory reporting, most irresponsibly in our view.

The love of God is deeper far than voice or pen can ever tell…

Chuck & Judy Hazen

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