“I do pray that the Lord will keep you from entering in to curious questions at home. I believe all those subjects which cause such contention, are really as the small dust of the balance, in comparison with the preservation with love and harmony of the body. May you be able to seek to establish all in grace; for God has given you a heart to feel the preciousness of His saving power and His forgiving love: This is the classic truth that draws all hearts personally to Jesus and one another; be content to appear ignorant about many things which others think they know a great deal about, if you may but be permitted to exhibit Jesus, precious to all- His meekness, His tenderness, His forbearing pity in the midst of all our weakness and perverseness, dwell upon; and be assured God’s spirit will be with you: The exaltation of Jesus is the saints’ proper work and true glory; and be always assured, the tree that is most loaded with God’s fruit will bend its head most lowly toward the ground. In spiritual things humility and faithfulness always accompany each other. May you be rich in the love of the Church of God, for their profit as well as your own peace: but know nothing of Paul or Apollos.”