Proclamation, Invitation, & Warning

Some Actions to

be the Church

instead of succumbing to Churchianity

(These are general statements and not meant to be taken personally by any specific organizations or individuals.)

1. Be led by the Holy Spirit, not controlled by men and the organizations of men.

2. Be disciples of Jesus, not of a guru.

3. Pursue New Testament relationships not a career path in an organization.

4. Be ministers of the Gospel starting with your families, not neglecting your family for spiritual sounding excuses.

5. Recognize the priesthood of all believers, not just an elite brotherhood of professionals.

6. Be more like New Testament believers and less like the Roman Catholic Empire.

7. Meetings of Christians should be patterned more after the New Testament than traditions of men.

8. Proclaim freedom in Christ instead of the cult-like mentalities of the world.

9. Be the Church of Jesus Christ... instead of controlling or "operating" the people of the Body of Christ.

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