Faithfulness to God’s word is not idolatry. It is the only means to avoid idolatry.
Consider what my friend, Steve Phillips, is facing in the Phoenix, Arizona area:

“Dear brethren,

“Currently among a circle of believers that we are in fellowship with, I am under suspicion of, if not outright being accused of, being guilty of “Bibliolotry.” In essence the charge is that I hold the Scriptures in, essentially, an idolatrous manner, elevating them to an inordinate place above that of God and Christ, a worshiping of the Bible rather than Him who is revealed therein. Secondly, I am being chided if not rebuked for viewing the Word of God as a rule book rather than a “canonical narrative” or a theological paradigm, one that continues to unfold in its trajectory towards God’s perfect state. That is to say, the Scriptures, while valuable, do not contain a static revelation, but are part of a larger revelatory scheme comprised of other elements such as nature, sound advice, spiritual disciplines, “all truth is God’s truth,” etc, that, while guided by the Bible, are moving towards full revelation as the trajectory of Christ’s purposes unfold towards God’s ultimate ideal.

“In light of that, I thought it most profitable for me to review the passages in the Word itself that have been most formative in my convictions regarding the Scriptures themselves over these past 47 years. I have done so in the attached [The Word of God] and was greatly refreshed in so doing. I submit these to you for your review, soliciting your critique with much appreciation.

   Blessings, bro Steve”