In Numbers 13 God commissions Moses to send one man from each of the 12 tribes into the land of Canaan to spy it out. Every one of them was to be a ‘leader among them’. So these were men who had been proven to some extent.Individuals with authority and prominence. Moses, walking before the Lord as he did, surely had wisdom to select what he deemed to be the, ‘cream of the crop’ as it were. I would venture a guess that very few if any of us could name more than 2 of these 12. Caleb and Joshua we know. As for the others, even though their names are recorded in Scripture, they are entities lost to history. The reason is obvious. Only 2 of the spies believed God. Only Joshua and Caleb were living by faith fearing Him who inhabits eternity.

Their names are writ large in the Lords history book. We don’t know the names of the unbelieving spies because they have left no enduring testimony that lifts up and fills our heart with hope and confidence in God. The names of the other 2 are blessing to our ears.

Although our names and deeds are not being recorded in the bible, they are elsewhere. (Rev. 20:12). How is it with us brothers? Are we pressing on in simple faith, unafraid of the descendents of Anak, or have we gone back to Egypt in our hearts? Conjuring up ‘ministry’ in the flesh, choosing the expedient over a waiting on God? These are not light enquires.

Multitudes are involved in ‘serving the Lord’. Vast numbers of them long ago gave up in the quest for power from on high. So they rebelled against the Lord, feared the people of the land and when all is said and done give a bad report to the children of God. So the worlds methods are adopted, money and hype take the place of God’s Spirit. The phony title’ Dr‘. is conveniently placed before the name as if somehow this store bought and empty designation instantly provides authority and respect. If anyone challenges this carnality, he is either ignored or summarily dismissed by some theological slight of hand.

If Caleb and Joshua were here today they would again ‘tear their clothes’ at the rebellion and apostasy confronting them. The overwhelming tendency of leaders of this age to refuse to go up and possess the land would vex their souls no end.

As I peruse my own Christian history I am only too aware of the propensity to unbelief and fear of the giants. Yet in the end it boils down to this: do we yearn and cry out for the wherewithal from on high or are we content with our outward respectability and Christian profession?

Paul informed the Thessalonians in the second letter that: “…our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power”… How many times I have been unable to put forth the same claim with an honest heart! But we have been promised that very thing. The question before us is whether we are willing to believe, to advance, and to humble ourselves so that the lord can use us.

What does our chronicle look like in His book? Ten spies refused God and claimed victim hood. The other two were brokenhearted and angry at the unbelief that paralyzed the others. What camp are we in? I can assure you one thing: God knows.

R. Haines