” And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them”. Eph. 5:11 is a very instructive verse that seems to have very little practical application in the lives of many of God’s children. I mean how could you explain the modern evangelical’s fascination with the Republican party if the concept had a true fix on our minds? But I am concerned here with a constant evil that seems to be given a free pass by many who should be grieved to the depths.

I am referring to ‘Christian’ television. Whenever my wife and I travel we flip through the channels on the TV and without fail whatever shows up on TBN or Daystar is some magnificent display of carnality and greed almost beyond comprehension. We are speaking of a medium where lies, false prophecies, and every brand of wicked teaching are simply the coin of the realm. Yet many so called ‘church leaders’ who are quick to denounce everything from A to Z have very little or nothing to say concerning what may be one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the minds on many sinners. Who would not be grieved and angry if his chaste and loving wife was portrayed before the world as a scarlet clad whore? Yet it seems that very little is written or sail about this slick and very seductive medium.

I was speaking to a young man recently about his eternal soul and it was impressed upon me to relate to him that these people do not represent the Christ that is wooing him. Is it not a terrible thing to consider that the next person you speak with about salvation may be convinced that TBN is really about Jesus Christ? Who it is that funnels the millions upon millions of dollars into the coffers of these folks I have not the slightest idea. But that it is an extremely lucrative business is simply beyond question. Nor is it confined to the USA. TBN is piped into Nigeria 24 hours a day and has been instrumental in the spread of the religious buffoonery that permeates that nation.

What can we do, we who want to live a simple and honest Christian life before a lost, perishing world? We can not physically manipulate peoples’ televisions nor can we spend our lives railing or picketing studios. But we can pray. We can pray that our loving God will use every means to expose the fraud, corruption, and outright lies of these individuals who walk about with seared consciences. If any of them can still hear the voice of the Holy Spirit we need to implore God to send a spirit of repentance. Yet I believe we would have to be quite naive to really think He was indwelling many of these professors.

This is no small matter. We live in a age of great and accelerating declension. An age in which money and the unquenching desire for the praise and acceptance of other men has ruined the souls of many. Let it not be so with us. When we become sick to our souls of making it up as we go along and truly understand that we can only receive what He gives us will we ever have something of true eternal value for others.

A man was at a very cordial gathering of religious folk. He was in the front room speaking about his love for his spouse with some others. Someone came and told him that a couple guys were in the kitchen making lewd and lascivious comments and gestures to her, that is his wife. His reply was that he was too busy telling everyone about his great love for her to break off now. After all, who was he to judge? And besides that, it just isn’t Christian to get involved in those messy matters where someone might actually be offended.

Let us uphold the most precious name in a worthy manner of His magnificent and unending love. Let us not be corrupted from the sweet simplicity that is in Him. And if we have been, let us repent. Many glossy professors claim the claim but God sees only illegitimate children. By their fruit you will know them. The fruit of these TV preachers has been concocted into deadly little pastries that will poison those who imbibe. Christ will not be used, nor will He be mocked. Let us look upward desirous only of His approval, fearing only His rebuke.