Proclamation, Invitation, & Warning


Outcasts & Rejects
from Churchianity

Are you one?

Three types of experiences:

  • No opportunity to minister in your church
  • Your church has coercive, oppressive leaders
  • Your church is going down apostate paths

What a blessing when one is a part of an assembly of believers who love one another and are devoted to the Lord Jesus and His word; and there is freedom to participate; and the elders lead by example from among their brethren.

In some churches things are set in concrete as far as the programs and the rituals and the systems, so that individuals feel there is no place for them to minister or to serve or to teach the Bible in the way they are called of God. There is an elitist attitude among the leaders that only the anointed are allowed to participate and those not in the in-crowd feel shut out. I receive email from brothers from time to time who have this experience and a desire to participate and serve and teach.

I recommend persevering in love with your assembly, by the grace of God. Trust the Lord for opportunities to speak to the elders. Seek to set an example for others.

And while you are persevering in love with your fellowship, perhaps there are other opportunities for you to minister! Consider meeting with friends in homes and read and discuss the Bible together and pray together and sing songs to the Lord together. Visit a rest home and see if you might be an encouragement to elderly people. Maybe there would be an opportunity at the rest home for you to teach the Bible. Visit someone in the county jail. Find a missionary who is truly devoted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to making disciples and pursue ways to help and support that missionary.

But, most importantly, you and I need to devote ourselves to Jesus and being His disciple and learning of Him and learning Genesis to Revelation. We can trust Jesus that as we devote ourselves to preparation, He will use us in His timing… in spite of anything or anyone else.

More to come...

5/13/08 updated 5/26/08


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