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Evangelicals & Global Warming (2/8/06)

Movie about Martyred Christian Missionaries stars a homosexual (2/06)

Scientology vs. Psychiatry (7/1/05)

Disney and The Chronicles of Narnia (5/3/05)

“Salad Bowl Sunday” Ecumenical Event Corrupts the Gospel (2/27/05)

Son Inherits Country from Father (2/6/05)

Motivational Seminars Promote a False Religion (8/1/04)

Both Presidential Candidates are Members of the Same Occult Brotherhood (4/22/04)

A Cinematic Crucifix? Mel Gibson's Catholic Movie (Updated 3/21/04) (1/31/04)

About Matrix Reloaded (5/24/03)

Warning: Information Awareness Office (updated 3-29-03) (11/24/02)

Jon Courson: Applegate Christian Fellowship (10/6/02) (Updated 10/9/06)

Dave Hunt Refutes Calvinism. Calvinists Refute Dave Hunt. (5/25/02)

The September 11th Turning Point (11/17/01)

Harry Potter & The Chronicles of Narnia (7/27/01)

George Otis Jr: Mystical Warfare in Kitsap County (4/2/01)

"Faith-Based" Counterfeit  (3/25/01)

Bush and Gore Deception (7/30/00)

Dove Awards on TBN (1/2/00)

Chuck Smith on TBN? (1/2/00) (updated 3/21/04)

World Trade Organization (11/26/99)

Spirit 105.3 - KCMS Radio (11/26/99)

Aspire Magazine: Body, Mind, & Spirit (5/2/99)

Young Life: Ecumenical? (2/27/99)

Impeachment of President Clinton (1/30/99)

Amy Grant and Gary Chapman Separating (1/6/99)

John Glenn - Freemason (11/3/98)

CBD Promotes Paganism (10/10/98)

Foursquare and Apostolics ??? (8/29/98)

Y2K (7/23/98)

Roy Rogers (7/6/98)

Christ Memorial Church - Poulsbo, Washington (6/21/98)

Southern Baptists in Salt Lake City (6/18/98)

Overlake Christian Church (6/11/98)

Orel Hershiser (6/11/98)

The Initiative Against Partial Birth Abortion (6/11/98)

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