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Dare to Make Contact"
Posted 12/28/06 updated 12/30/06

An amazing story about five martyred missionaries and the producers hired a gay activist, Chad Allen, to play the lead role. "Why?", I've continued to ask. The fact that a gay activist was cast is troubling enough. But I'm considering now if there isn't a broader agenda in mind.

The movie was released in January and I posted commentary from my friend, Bob Haines about the situation in February: Movie about Martyred Christian Missionaries stars a homosexual. Though I had long been inspired by these missionaries, husbands and wives, I did not intend to see the movie. I have been profoundly disappointed in recent years with the lack of discernment and gullibility of Christians and how easily they have been manipulated by media hype when it came to movies that are superficially labeled "Christian". However, another friend gave the dvd to me as a gift and I watched the movie.

I actually liked the movie and all the actors portraying missionaries and Waodani. I loved the scenery. But there is much more going on here that must be considered.

"End of the Spear" was produced by Every Tribe Entertainment whose web site is subtitled, "Truth Beyond Imagination" Their "about us" information includes the following:

We are storytellers.  Every Tribe Entertainment creates films that address globally relevant issues in order to incite a positive impact on the world. 

We believe the most powerful stories are those that raise the most meaningful questions.  This sets the stage for social discourse that explores potential solutions through varying perspectives.  Our films are designed to entertain and stimulate our audiences.  We craft hopeful stories - from the world - for the world.

Every Tribe Entertainment was founded in 2003, and released its first motion picture, End of the Spear, in January 2006.  The film debuted in the top 10 theatrical grossing films during its opening weekend, and to date has grossed over $20 million in home video sales and rentals.

Building on the success of our first release, Every Tribe Entertainment's focus is to produce captivating and thought-provoking cinematic experiences that appeal to a broad international audience.

"End of the Spear" is very touching and heart-warming and even inspiring, if you concentrate on the fact that real brothers and sisters-in-Christ lived through these events. And yet, there was not a single mention of the name of Jesus who these missionaries died for!

The movie attempts to portray the ministry and deaths of  Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, Peter Fleming, Ed McCully, and Roger Youderian and how Elizabeth Elliot and Nate's sister, Rachel, continued to minister to the Auca/Waodani tribe.

The movie begins with the voice of the character, Steve Saint, son of the pilot, Nate, in narration saying:

Some people say we live in a world of irreconcilable differences. They're saying true peace, lasting peace can't be obtained because we haven't found a way yet to change the human heart. I took a journey once with a warrior named Mincayani down a remote river deep in the Amazon basin of Ecuador. The events of that journey will challenge what a lot of people say.

Why did Every Tribe Entertainment produce this movie? They say they want to "...address globally relevant issues in order to incite a positive impact on the world." They say they, "...believe the most powerful stories are those that raise the most meaningful questions.  This sets the stage for social discourse that explores potential solutions through varying perspectives." They want to create, "... thought-provoking cinematic experiences that appeal to a broad international audience." So they choose a powerful example of Hebrews 11 type martyrs from the heritage of the Evangelicals, they cast a gay activist in the lead role and they tell us in the opening narration that they want to challenge the idea that we can't have lasting peace because we can't change the human heart. 

Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ portrayed as the only hope? The Gospel is no where to be found in the movie. The closest it comes is when the Nate Saint character is comforting his son. The young Steve Saint asks if his Dad will defend himself with his gun if the Waodani attack. The father says he can't shoot the Wadoani. "They're not ready for heaven. We are." The implication is there, for anyone who is willing to interpret it so, that the missionaries are going to make the Waodani ready for heaven. But anyone who wants to interpret otherwise can. The theme of the entire movie can be interpreted by one with a global peace vision as being one of helping to bring peace by understanding and avoiding phobias because of misunderstanding. 

The missionaries are portrayed as referring to God by the Waodani name, Waengongi. The message that the tribes people learn is that Waengongi doesn't want them to spear their fellow Waodani. Did the missionaries never tell the Waodani about Jesus in Israel who died on the cross for our sins? Did they really let the tribes people think that God was the same as their god, Waengongi? 

 Is this movie simply about human compassion, courage, "redemption", forgiveness, and a hope for global peace? What does it profit a person if he gains all of this but loses his soul? And there is only one name under heaven by which a man must be saved: Jesus. (see Acts 4:12)

The following is what the Every Tribe Entertainment site says to promote the dvd release of End of the Spear:

 Debuting on DVD June 13 from Fox Home Entertainment, End Of The Spear takes viewers deep into the heart of darkness to discover that faith and forgiveness can transcend the senseless acts of violence that stand in the way of cultural understanding.

"End of the Spear"... does this refer to the end of violence, a global hope of peace? Heaven on Earth? A Tower of Babel vision? "Cultural understanding"? Social engineering? Myth-making?

"Dare to Make Contact"... with who? Any people we are phobic about?

As believers in the Lord Jesus, our calling is not to be zealous about movies but to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to whoever will listen.

Every Tribe Entertainment CEO from their site:

"Mart Green, CEO
Mart is a producer of End of the Spear. Before starting Every Tribe Entertainment he built Mardel Christian and Educational Supply, a growing chain of 23 stores in 6 states. Mart's family built Hobby Lobby, which now has 381 stores in 30 states. Mart combines his passion for stories with his experience in building well run, customer oriented companies."

Mart Green's father is billionaire, David Green. Founder of Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby has made use of Bill Gothard's Character First training program.

Every Tribe Entertainment's next project is a movie titled, "Blink" about a Muslim princess who is assisted by an American who is, "... struck by an incredible gift - the ability to see multiple potential futures. This mysterious skill helps them avoid capture once, then twice."

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