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Crusades for "Morality"

Editor, The Sun (November 1992):

"Take-over-the-world-for-Christendom" and Crusades for Morality. These are two of the "visions" in which Evangelical Christians are being manipulated and used. For the last 15 years, Evangelicals have increasingly been provoked to put their hope in Civil Government and the electing of candidates who stand for "Traditional Family Values". In fact "values" and "morality" have become the new gospel.

A full page ad promoting "Virginity" in the Sun, on November 15th, was a perfect example of the new gospel (which is no gospel at all). Eight area churches yoked themselves with every cult and human philosophy on earth in preaching the gospel of good works and human morality.

There is nothing Biblical about trying to get people who are not Christians to live like Christians. The only message for a follower of Jesus to proclaim is that God desires to reconcile to himself self-centered and rebellious humans. All of the Crusades, Inquisitions, and Holy Empires have produced nothing of eternal significance. The current crusade for "Morality" will be just as futile. I recommend, instead, the priorities of Noah. I recommend that we speak and act as the "Ambassadors" we are suppose to be.


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