Proclamation, Invitation, & Warning

What does it take for a cult follower to realize he's worshipping the cult leader?

You wonder if, at the Nuremberg rallies, there was somebody... anybody... who looked around at the people with their arms out raised and crying, "Sieg heil!", and said to themselves, "What am I doing here?". Or better yet, cried out to the Lord, "Open their eyes!".

Or how about the people that followed Jim Jones to Guyana, and either drank poisoned Kool-aid for him, or shot people in the head for him? Was there anyone among them that came to their senses, by the grace of God, and realized their sin of idolatry for following a counterfeit christ?

How can anybody, after examples such as these, exalt a man?

With all the warnings of scripture, how can anybody sit by and allow a fellowship to be built around the personality of a man?

There is hope for the cult follower. There is hope even for the cult leader. 

Jesus must set us each free of the fleshly desires for power, prestige, or wanting to be appreciated by the leader.

We're all susceptible! Please don't ever give me power to lord it over the people... I'll abuse it!

What freedom there is to simply be brothers and sisters in Christ... to be free to build up and encourage everyone, rather than just being the sycophant (servile flatterer) of one man. 

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Proclamation, Invitation, & Warning