Proclamation, Invitation, & Warning

Da Vinci Code Deception

Da Vinci Code Deception

Two Effects

* Denying who Jesus is

* Yoking with Roman Catholicism

The greatest deception is in portraying Jesus as just a good teacher; just a man, while Genesis through Revelation reveals that God loved us so much that He became one of us to rescue us.

But denying the deity of Jesus Christ, while the greatest deception, is not the greatest danger associated with this novel. Pagans have never believed that Jesus is uniquely God. Pagans have always taught that Jesus was only a man.

The greatest danger of the Da Vinci Code deception is that professing Evangelical Christians, in reacting against the pagan message will be seduced into yoking with Roman Catholicism in this polarized battle, and thereby perverting the proclamation of the Gospel to the world. The Gospel of the Bible is incompatible with the gospel of Roman Catholicism. 

Satan works both sides of these worldly conflicts.

Hegelian Dialectic

The Da Vinci Code

Opus Dei vs. Freemasonry? 
vs. Agnostic "Scientists"?

Dan Brown vs. Baigent and Leigh?
vs. Random House?

Satan Works Both Sides... 
Every side of every worldly, fleshly conflict

Which side are professing Evangelical Christians being manipulated to join and defend, instead of recognizing the true nature of this book and its thesis? Satan wins no matter which "side" Evangelicals pick. We are called to NOT be polarized and controlled by such conflicts but to stand apart; set apart to expose the evil deeds of darkness of both sides, all sides, and to be undistracted from our Heavenly calling.

Hegelian Dialectic - Freemasons and Other Occult Brotherhoods - The Roman Catholic Empire - Pseudo-Science - History - Cracking the Da Vinci Code - Important Principles to Understand

Who Jesus is

The Sacred Feminine?

One of the clever deceptions of The Da Vinci Code...

The novel claims that Roman Catholicism suppressed the worship of the pagan goddess, the "sacred feminine".

But Roman Catholicism did not suppress it, but incorporated it into a syncretism of "Christianity" and paganism. The Roman Catholic "Mary" IS the sacred feminine who is "venerated" and supposedly hears and answers prayer!

Satan Works Both Sides of Worldly Fleshly Conflicts

Endorsing Roman Catholicism is 
A Greater Deception 
than endorsing the "Da Vinci Code"

The Roman Catholic Empire

The Sacred Feminine?