Friday January 30, 2009, Maekhlong
Delightful prayer meeting of 20 brethren 7pm-midnight, prayer punctuated by spiritual songs, refreshment breaks plus short fellowship games introducing next prayer topic. One unbeliever brought as guest requesting prayer departed a new creature in Christ. All thanked God for 9 new Christians birthed in January, and prayed for Lord supply new church leaders to meet needs of growing congregation. The Lord has done this marvelous work using a young church of perhaps 60 believers. Our Father thanked for years-longed-for child now in Da’s womb. Meeting intro’d us to perhaps most heavenly 11-year-old we ever encountered, name pronounced “New�. She was perhaps most rapt participant in meeting start-finish, participating more fully than some adults, and running everywhere serving others during breaks, with countenance radiating Christ the while. Heart pounds with joy just recalling her now.

Saturday January 31, 2009, Maekhlong Thailand
Today, strolled neighborhood, wandering into wat, stumbling across gorgeous classical Thai dance/opera, see photos via link to be emailed.

Sunday February 1, 2009
Just now finished fellowship meal with brethren prior to which during “worship� we all participated in Lord’s Supper; they now continuing in further fellowship and worship while we email. The sense of unity this heart experience in Christ Jesus with these dear brethren hard to express. During meal was struggling to communicate with a brother what it is that we find so attractive about these brethren, and he filled in my thoughts by saying in Thai, “they love�. That’s it. They love. Love is palpable here. “Nee� who first confessed Christ the first night we came to a meeting here was here today, radiant with life of Jesus emanating from her countenance and glorifying God.