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Hebrew Roots?


God powerfully revealed Himself through His relationship with His chosen, the Jewish people. The history of the Jewish people is objective evidence for the existence of the God of the Bible. 

The mystery revealed is that the Good News was for the Gentile as well as the Jew.

The people of God is made up of both believing Jews and believing Gentiles: those who have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Galatians, Romans, and Hebrews, for example, were written to put all of this into proper perspective.

We are saved by grace through faith; not by the law.

We are not called to be Pharisees or Judaizers. We are called to be new creations in Christ.

Applying the Old Testament to the New Testament Church

Over the years I have gone from being interested in and being supportive of the Hebrew Roots movements and Messianic congregations to, recently, realizing that nearly all of it is corrupt and unbiblical.

I've realized that Galatians and Romans and Hebrews were written to give us understanding that protects us from agendas like the "Hebrew Roots" movements.

How shall we explain from scripture the unbiblical nature of Messianic Congregations and Hebrew Roots agendas?

Hebrew Roots & Messianic Congregations

updated 7/2/09

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