October 1833

“What an instructive chapter the 6th of Romans is. How it points out that there is to be a holy employment of those members that once served sin. I could not help desiring to be perfect, not purely because I cannot be content to be unhappy, – and every measure of sin is a measure of unhappiness, – but because I cannot endure the thought of cherishing what dishonors my Father, and wounds Christ. If I seek perfection, it is only in and by Christ, by seeing in the depths of my soul, and feeling in all the affections of my heart, all those things to be lovely and beautiful in Christ, which God the Father sees to be so. It is by the Spirit’s taking of these things of Jesus, and revealing them unto us, that we are changed from glory to glory………does not our dear Lord say, ‘he that has my commandments and keeps them, he it is that loves me?’ Not merely that one commandment to believe in Him, the greatest and most blessed fountain of the rest, but every one that He has uttered? ”

“Do you not feel you have a precious preeminence as one of the elect of God, and some special reason for adoring love and gratitude? It is so sweet to me to think that to my Father’s love in Christ I owe my all, a wanderer without a wish to love Him. He sought me, found me, adopted me and made me His. By our union with the world, we have altogether lost that testimony of God being on our side, which Rahab speaks of to the spies (Josh. 2:9-11), the ‘fear of us’ being put into the hearts of our enemies, because God is among us. (See also Judges 7:14). He has now no faithful witness in us; we have sown the ground with mixed seed, and are everywhere plowing with an ox and an ass, which the Lord abhors, and how can we be blessed? Who now fears the church because God is in the midst of her? She is now just feared in proportion to her wealth and riches, numbers and power, just as the political unions are. How strong we should be if we felt as the two spies did (Josh 2:24); but we have sown to the wind and are reaping the whirlwind.”

From Memoir of the Late Anthony Norris Groves published by Sentinel Publications 2002