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Home Schooling

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A note about intent and priorities: We do not advocate becoming part of the "home schooling movement", because we warn against Christians jumping on anybody's "bandwagon" or movement or crusade. The home schooling movement, unfortunately, is filled with most of the same deceptions as the rest of Christendom. We simply encourage followers of Jesus who are parents to teach their children rather then turning them over to Caesar or to a religious institution for an education. See The Biblical View of Education.

1.    Choosing Curriculum

2.    Lesson Planning

3.    Meeting State Requirements

4.    Fitting it all into your life

5.    "Socialization"?

6.    Transcripts & High School Diplomas

7.    Encouraging Others


Fathers: Teach your family the Bible!

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There are great dangers  in turning your children over to government schools

Rather My Children be Illiterate

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