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Humans & "Religion"

Editor, The Sun

(April 1998 - In response to a forum asking if humans were "hard-wired for religion".)

God has revealed himself through what he has created. Since the beginning, God has given each human a knowledge of himself so that we are all without excuse. The fact that it seems that humans are wired for religion is not a physical or mental issue but a spiritual issue.

Humans throughout history and in every culture have suppressed the knowledge of God and have become enemies of God. This has led them to worship created things rather than the creator. This worship of created things is rooted in self-centeredness and rebellion in desiring to be the gods of our own lives and has manifested itself in innumerable ways: the worship of the Sun, moon, and stars; pantheism, self-image psychology, the power of myth , the human potential movement, tribalism, nationalistic patriotism, and Tower of Babel visions of global unity.

God has continued to reach out to us, revealing himself through the Jewish people, and eventually becoming one of us in order to walk among us. He allowed us to nail him to a cross in order that he might take upon himself the penalty for our self-centeredness and rebellion. By his death and resurrection, Jesus has provided the way for us to be reconciled in our relationship with our creator.

May we forsake our hard-wiring for religion and other forms of rebellion, and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for true life and relationship.

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