Proclamation, Invitation, & Warning


"The House"

In Bremerton and Mount Vernon, Washington state, USA

posted 11/15/07 updated 11/18/07

There is a variety of opinions about the assembly of believers called, "The House". Some people commend them. Some express concerns.

I would like to post on this site accurate information about the House. And I would like to post the various views whether supportive or critical.

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It is my understanding that the people who fellowship as "the House" desire to be zealous in trusting and obeying Jesus Christ. They see most of professing Christianity as lukewarm and apathetic.

They reach out to the homeless and rejected of society.

They have a farm in which they raise goats and desire to take these skills to one of the trouble-spot countries in the world.

They have very strong convictions about keeping Sunday holy.

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