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Jesus Created Everything

4/7/06 - updated 4/9/06

There are reasons to doubt what you have been taught by the educational system and the media about evolution.

There are reasons to believe what the Bible teaches about creation.

When I grew up, evolution was one of my favorite topics to read about. I had a Time-Life book called, Evolution. The World Book encyclopedia and books on fossils were also my references for this interest.

When the Lord Jesus got a hold of my life at the age of 23, and I believed on Him, I was vaguely aware that evolution-creationism was going to be an issue. But I put it on the shelf, so to speak, trusting that my Lord Jesus would sort out this and any other question for me according to His timing.

Eventually I began to learn about evidence for creation and reasons to doubt evolution. I found out that the fossil record has very little evidence for transitional species. I went back and looked at my Time-Life book, Evolution, from my childhood and realized that it did not even hint at the gaps in the fossil record. I realized it was more propaganda than objective scientific reporting.

The day after I began to write this article, I became aware of a new fossil find heralded as another "missing link". The fact that, after almost 300 years of looking for fossils, they are still having to call them "missing" links is very telling! It is my view that each of these finds are not "links" but simply additional (possibly) extinct species created at the same time all species were created. 

It reminds me of how the mass media so hyped the alleged find of signs of possible life in Martian meteorites in Antarctica. This was trumpeted on the front pages of newspapers. When the find was later discredited, the articles were buried deep inside the newspapers. 

The World WANTS evolution to be true. They DO NOT WANT there to be the God of the Bible. If evolution is true, there is no God, so that they can be the gods of their own lives. Evolution is a fervently held religious belief system.

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