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Lesser of Two Evils?

Some professing Christians may justify their yoking with Bush or Kerry as the choosing between the "Lesser of Two Evils". But, did our Lord Jesus pick sides between the licentiousness of the woman caught in adultery and the legalism of the Pharisees? Did Jesus choose sides between the tax collector collaborators and the political radical zealots? Did Jesus politically campaign for or against Caesar? Did Paul politically campaign for or against Caesar? Did Paul take sides between the temple prostitutes and the Religious Legalists? Did Paul promote Plato's Republic or Caesar's Tyranny?

Both Presidential Candidates are Members of the Same Occult Brotherhood

Bush & Gore Deception

Faith-Based Counterfeit

But if a powerful ruler thinks like Machiavelli, what is the most powerful means by which to control the outcome of any conflict in society? Control both sides! If Machiavelli is smart enough to think of such deceptions then certainly Satan and his demons are even smarter. And certainly they have inspired worldly leaders in this regard for centuries. Consider how Joshua was also caught up in such worldly, fleshly thinking...

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The True Nature of the World System

Four Ways Christians Are Deceived


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