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On Wearing a Head Covering

The following are from two emails we received from Barbara Wilderbuer.
Posted 12/24/06

Women, for the most part, stopped wearing head coverings in Christian churches in the mid 20th century.  Around the same time abortion was legalized, prayer in school was restricted, the five fundamentals of faith was being scooted out the doors of trusted theological seminaries, interest in the cults and even the occult, self-expression, rebellion to parents, mothers of small children joining the work force, psychotherapies and relativism, and on and on it goes---

Today we are told head coverings are a cultural thing of the past, not necessary to women in the church today.  It is amazing to me that women who obey the Biblical command to wear a head covering are labeled "legalistic", "uninformed", and perhaps not even saved-- in much need of "grace".

I wear a hat or scarf to church or public worship gatherings of Christians.  I have been labeled these and more for 27 years.  Still I would not trade the sweet fellowship with Christ I have for the acceptance of others for all the riches in the world!

I do have a question for those who argue the "cultural" point of a problem with the women in the church at Corinth, however: Are the women of that day any different from the women of today? If we are still doing the same things they did back then, the principles of head coverings, submission to the authority of our husbands, and quiet learning that pleases the Father would still apply.

The truth about "cultural" head coverings is sadly miscommunicated.  Greek women covered the whole head, only allowing the eyes to be seen.  Jewish women covered the hair, allowing the entire face to be seen.  How to wear a head covering is the cultural issue, not whether it is Biblical to wear one.

And finally, to be legalistic about wearing a head covering is a simple one:  The "only this kind and nothing else will do" mentality is legalism.  To make it a salvation issue would also be legalism.  There have been rare occasion that the church bulletin held over the top of my hair had to do when I prayed in church because I ran out the door without my scarf.  God doesn't care what we use, just so long as we obey and cover the head.  It is a symbol of faithful obedience for three reasons that are not cultural:  the order of creation as it was Eve that was deceived, not to offend the angels present at the assembly, and submission to our husbands.  These are not cultural reasons.

Thank you.

My wearing a head covering used to be a very sensitive issue for me. I resented it. I felt like Paul was not being fair. I did not want to accept it as from my Lord Jesus. God's Word. Unchanging. Perfect. I listened to all the reasons not to. It's been a difficult journey. Such a simple instruction--yet at the same time a VERY BIG DEAL. Why? Pride, I'm quite sure. I can only suggest that my flesh hates to submit and obey. I was born to rebel and if it were written just the opposite then I believe that women would be wearing hats and scarves like crazy, stating reasons just the same---"the command was cultural to that time period. It doesn't apply to our day." And so I can only shrug my shoulders and believe with simple trust that God has his purposes for why up is up, down is down, and if he tells us to stomp around Jericho seven times and shout to the glory of the Lord even though it does not make good military sense then He has a reason for it and it is not our place to question Him but rather to obey Him. It truly is a narrow way that He beckons us to travel and I pray His merciful loving kindness will continue to extend unmerited toward me until the day of His glorious return for His bride, The Church. Wowsie, wow!! Oh how I look forward to that day!!!

God bless you both! And shalom.

My Wife's Head Covering

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