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"One Church, One Family" 



Alliance yokes Evangelicals with Oneness Pentecostals in the name of providing social services to Hurricane Katrina victims, according to a Kitsap Sun article by Eric D. Williams (9/15/05).

The following is an email I recently (9/17/05) sent to a local clergyman:

Brother _______ ,

I left you a message on your answering machine, and I wanted to follow up with this email. Like I have said before, I have always respected and admired you as a brother in Christ so it is in that context that I approach you with some controversy. 

I recommend that you not yoke in ministry with Oneness Pentecostal groups such as Emmanuel Apostolic in Bremerton. 

Emmanuel Apostolic is a member organization of the denomination called the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. They teach that you are not saved unless you are baptized in "Jesus' name" only. That you must speak in tongues as an evidence of salvation. They do not believe in the Trinity, but teach that there is "Jesus only". 

I believe it is very serious to preach a different Jesus and a different gospel or to appear to endorse those who do. If we do not consider such differences important then it seems to me that we have effectively become Unitarian-Universalists.

There is nothing more important than who Jesus is and what is the Gospel. 

I recommend that we trust our Lord Jesus for wisdom as to how to be “good Samaritans” and respond to crises and help needy people without also compromising or confusing our message and our calling. 

Please consider discussing this with me via email or phone or in person. 


Jim Baumgaertel  

(Posted on this site: 9/24/05)

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Rev. Moon is now urging his followers to join local houses of worship in order to spread his teachings: "Now in many cities almost 50 % of our families are participating actively in the One Church One Family movement in which each family takes one church as their extended family."

-from a letter sent to Unification Church members by Rev. Michael Jenkins, President of the FFWPU" 2/7/2002

From a website that warns Jewish People against Christian Missionaries and Cults: Task Force on Missionaries & Cults [Posted on this site 10/15/05]