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"North Korean Leader Is Said to Pick a Son as Heir "


85-year-old widower, lifelong Mormon

"Dear Friends of Through the Maze:

"I recently received this letter from Roscoe (Bud) McMullen, an 85-year-old widower, lifelong Mormon, who got a hold of _Beyond Mormonism_ which turned his life around.

"He writes, in part:

"I received a book entitled Beyond Mormonism from a dear friend and as I started reading I couldn¹t lay it down until every page was read."
"That¹s when I realized all these years I had been living under a lie and misrepresentation. Now I am in the process of becoming a Christian to be with the true God."

"To read the letter in its entirety, go to:

Roscoe's Testimony

More Testimonies

Many Letters

Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Ministry

There _is_ life after Mormonism
There were _no_ Nephites


Thoughts on Voting and Politics


Please view John Piper's videos via the link below. My daughter recommended them via Matthew's (the newly wed) blog.

Brother Piper makes some EXCELLENT points. I don't know enough about him to endorse him in general. I do know that a number of people I highly respect have appreciated his teaching.


The Youtube videos are entitled, "The Most Important Issues In the 2008 Election".

This implies that an American election has any importance.

The leader text on the video says, "Don't Waste Your Vote".

This implies that voting wrong... or not voting at all would be a waste.

If these two comments of mine sound shocking, I would say it is because of the influence of the world, including worldly religious thinking.

But what does the Bible say?

I agree that Christians have the Biblical freedom to vote.

But we are not commanded to vote in the New Testament, therefore it is a disputable matter.

We must be willing to examine, as Acts 17:11 Bereans:

  • What our priorities should be according to the New Testament?
  • Who sets up Kings and takes them down?
  • Is the government truly, "We the people"?
  • If "the People" are now the "king" are we really called to yoke with them?
  • Who has God allowed to temporarily be in control of the entire World System?
  • What role might political rituals be playing in preparing the people to worship the Counterfeit Christ?

With these bigger picture thoughts in mind, I do believe that Brother Piper's videos can help us point to the simplicity of the Gospel and our calling in these last days.

Thoughts on Voting and Politics
October 31, 2008 | By: John Piper


Persecution in India


Many conflicts that are reported in the media involving, "Christians" are really just religious group against religious group perpetrating violence on each other. These often have nothing to do with true disciples of Jesus. There is no reason for born again believers in Jesus to "take sides" in such violent conflicts whether they are between Hindus, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, or "athiests" or whether in India, Ireland, or anywhere else.

There are many cases, though, of actual persecution of believers in Jesus for righteousness sake. May our Lord help us to pray for one another and encourage such brethren.

"Hindu groups accuse Christian priests of bribing poor tribes and low caste Hindus to change their faith, while Christians claim Hindus convert willingly to escape the complex caste system."
Churches burnt as anti-Christian violence hits eastern India
The Guardian 9/1/08

From Chuck Hazen 9/3/08

"It is reported that in Orissa, India, numerous Christians have been burnt, murdered, beaten, raped, and slashed with swords. In Kandhamal alone some 13,000 Christians are living in refuges and tent camps. The violence has spread into surrounding districts and 50,000 Christians are estimated to have fled their homes ahead of violent religious cleansing and are now displaced across Orissa, with many hiding in dense jungle.

"Our dear brothers and sisters in Christ in India, beloved of God, chosen by Him, need God's mercy and deliverance desperately now, especially in the state of Orissa. Hindu anti-Christian agitators have been sent to Orissa to
stir up this hatred & violence. I feel powerless to help; I'm guessing you do also; and so we are, for God is our power, He is mighty to save, He has ordained our dependence on Him as our way of life. Therefore, let us love our Indian brothers and sisters by prayer to God for their comfort, relief, welfare, their endurance and turning the other cheek testimony of Christ Jesus."


Clash of Civilizations?

Consider the following video from 2/21/2006 (posted here 10/31/07 - thanks to Jean Dager's passing it on to us)

This is a very brave lady: Wafa Sultan

She is a secularist but confronts the cultural implications of Islam.

Wikipedia article

Updated 11/7/07

As noble and courageous as Dr. Wafa Sultan is, is her hope the same as our hope?

While we can cheer her willingness to confront the evils of militant Islam, is her message what our Lord Jesus has called us to proclaim?

How might Satan be working both sides, in spite of Dr. Sultan's good intentions?

One side uses coercion. One side preaches a worldly form of "tolerance" based on the view that all people are basically good. We are called to persuade by proclaiming and inviting and giving an answer.


Youth Groups Created by Kremlin
Serve Putin’s Cause

Published: July 8, 2007

MOSCOW, July 2 — Yulia Kuliyeva, only 19 and already a commissar, sat at a desk and quizzed each young person who sat opposite her, testing for ideological fitness to participate in summer camp.

Go to article on NY Times site


Saints Alive in Jesus

Please see this very important March 2007 Newsletter from Ed Decker

Mitt Romney to Deliver the Commencement Address
at Regent University, May 5

'The Mormons' on PBS takes aim at stereotypes

Romney Family Tree Has Polygamy Branch

The Mormon Plan for America and the Rise of Mitt Romney
(239 kb pdf)


"UN Watchdog censured after accusing Human Rights Council of hypocrisy"

By Israel Insider staff and partners  March 28, 2007

"Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch, delivered a scorching speech before the UN Human Rights Council 4th Session, accusing the body of blatant hypocrisy in ignoring gross rights violations worldwide except when committed by Israel. The speech was then repudiated by the Council Chairman, who refused to thank Neuer as is customary and then threatened to strike from the record similar statements in the future. "

Consider watching the video of the speech

US university president poses with 'suicide bomber'

Jerusalem Post 11/5/06


The Rulers and Murder 
"Outspoken Putin critic shot dead in Moscow"

Machiavelli and How Rulers Think

The True Nature of the World System

Unite against terror, Pope says in Christmas speech

The New American Police State

By Richard Reeves

[Editor of note: I do not endorse the author or the writers he quotes. However, those Evangelicals who have yoked their hearts with the rulers of this world ought to consider these perspectives.]


NEW YORK — "When I saw that the neoconservative response to 9/11 was to turn a stateless war against terrorism into military attacks on Muslim states, I realized that the Bush administration was committing a strategic blunder with open-ended disastrous consequences for the United States that, in the end, would destroy Bush, the Republican Party and the conservative movement."

I agree with that, but I didn't write it. No liberal did.

The author is Paul Craig Roberts, one of the creators and champions of "supply-side economics," the great conservative cause of the early 1980s. As a Wall Street Journal editorial writer and then assistant secretary of the treasury under President Reagan, Roberts was a true believer and an effective advocate. His political stance is pretty well summed up in the title of his newest book: "The Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats Are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice."

"Americans have forgotten what it takes to remain free. Instead, every ideology, every group is determined to use government to advance its agenda. ... The United States is undergoing a coup against the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and democracy itself. The 'liberal press' has been co-opted. ... Media concentration permitted in the 1990s has put news and opinion in the hands of a few corporate executives who do not dare risk their broadcasting licenses by getting on the wrong side of government, or their advertising revenues by becoming 'controversial.'"

See the entire commentary

The True Nature of the World System

The September 11th Turning Point

Hegelian Synthesis

Evangelicals & Global Warming

Manipulate Evangelicals for years on a Right Wing Agenda.

Then, at some appropriate time, manipulate the leaders to manipulate the people to merge with the left for the sake of "Mother Earth"... but call it "stewardship". 

86 Evangelical Leaders Join to Fight Global Warming

Some Excerpts:

"Despite opposition from some colleagues, 86 evangelical Christian leaders are backing a major initiative to fight global warming."

"Among signers of the statement, which will be released in Washington on Wednesday, are the presidents of 39 evangelical colleges, leaders of aid groups and churches, like the Salvation Army, and pastors of megachurches, including Rick Warren, author of the best seller "The Purpose-Driven Life.""

"The Evangelical Climate Initiative, at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars, is being supported by individuals and foundations, including the Pew Charitable Trusts, the Hewlett Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation."

Hegelian Dialectic

Four Ways Christians Are Deceived

Lucifer, the Garden of Eden, & the Tower of Babel

Federal Troops in the Streets

President Bush has discussed his interest in using the U.S. Military to:

  • Coordinate domestic disaster response


  • Enforce quarantines during disease epidemics such as the possible Bird Flu pandemic

Bush seeks military option on bird flu

Posse Comitatus Act protections to be weakened?

The September 11th Turning Point

A Leader Shows Up On the Scene

Lucifer, the Garden of Eden, & the Tower of Babel

"U.S. Asks Court to Dismiss Abuse Suit That Names Pope"
The Justice Department has told a Texas court that Pope Benedict XVI enjoys immunity as head of state of the Holy See." NY Times 9/21/05

The Roman Catholic Empire


"How to Stop the Contagion"


I don't have the same political priorities as Mr. Zakaria, but his article has some insights about religious fanaticism that disciples of Jesus should consider. How he believes governments and societies should deal with those they believe are fanatics is also worth examining. (7/26/05)

[I just realized that Fareed Zakaria is a director of the Council on Foreign Relations. 1/1/09] Home Page

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