Proclamation, Invitation, & Warning


A Brother's Testimony

I thank our Lord Jesus for how He has worked and is working in this brother's life. (August 2007)

She was a freshmen at NC state and I was a practicing crack addict. One of my old girlfriends introduced us.
I hid it from her pretty good at the time.
I had hurt people and had bills that needed paying (was living with my grandmother at the time).
My grandmother had a stroke and was in the hospital and one night when all money was gone and there was no where or way to get any, I started to think about taking her tv set. That hurt me down to my core. I could not explain the pain I felt for even having a thought like that. I left the house, went
to a friend's house and gave them my keys and told them not to give them back to me. I went for a drive and thought about what was going on.
So I quit doing crack. The way I quit was (and I would not recommend it to anyone) but I knew if I could go around my friends and who were still doing it and not do it, I would be ok. So that is what I did. If you have never done crack or don't know anybody close that did, you will never have any idea how hard it was to do something like that. But I got through it and never smoked it ever again.
So after that I took the coward's way out (my grandmother was coming home in a few days and bills for the house that should have been paid weren't and because I was ashamed I ran away to  Georgia with my girlfriend at the time.
Lived there almost a year, got restored back with my family in Philadelphia and North Carolina and we moved to Philadelphia and got married. Lived there for a while moved to Virginia. Moved back to Pennsylvania. And then back here to NC.
Got what I thought was saved. God really did move during those years. We had top "A" credit. All was going good even though some of my religious actions may not have been what the Bible was really teaching.
I was moving in my prosperity gospel faith at the time. Followed the rolling in the floor and laughing in the spirit kind of thing. Believing in the
complete authority of a one person pastorship and that all their spiritual guidance was from God. In all our doing and spending God was supposed to pay
off all that stuff so that I/we could do even more and worse. I truly believed it then, but now it is funny. Paying for it though, but still funny.
When we look at all this at times, I am concerned for her and the girls and she is concerned for me.
But there is therefore no condemnation. I will not let the past hurt me. I am truly glad that he didn't leave me in that mess. He caused me to come to
myself. And when I awoke and saw where I was... we decided that it was time to go home... the prodigal children that wanted their kingdom now, are now making their way back home to their Father.
I told her if for some case like Lot's wife that I look back spiritually, I told her don't worry about me. Go home. Get to him who sits on throne.


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