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Rescued from a "Word of Faith" Church

This email was received 4/26/09

I have recently come out of a word of faith Church where I was a intercessor and on the security team. I was taught in new members class that we were to receive the spirit of the pastor. I had a lot of respect for this man and the way he preached because he did not hoop and holler and he used a lot of scripture. Deception in the word of faith is very subtle and very captivating if you are not versed in scripture and history.
My job caused me to travel a lot and I met this very interesting young man who loved the Lord but did not go to Church. I would tell him about all we were learning and doing in my Church. I would tell him how the pastor laid hands on me and I just fell. I told him about how God never meant for us to be sick or poor and that all believers should be able to lay there hands on the sick and raise the dead. Then he asked me one simple question. "Is Jesus God ?" Not really sure, I said nothing and kind of looked at him like a deer in head lights. This went on for a couple of years. This year I gave him a cd from one of the sermons. He came back the following morning an said " I haven't slept since I listened to this cd ". He explained to me that there was a lot of error in the message and wanted to go over it with me after work. I of course said sure. That evening we went over some of the errors and had a real Bible study. Then he asked me the question again " Is Jesus God ?" This time he gave me the Following Scriptures Zech 12:10, Isaiah 9:6, Isaiah 53, Col 2:8-9 and 1 Timothy 3:16. After going through these scriptures my life hasn't been the same. This to me was my New Birth. All this time I thought I was Born Again. There are a lot of Born Again Believers out there that cannot answer this question. Today with confidence I can say "Jesus is God" manifested in the flesh.
I realize now why open conversations about God can be tolerated to a point but as Soon as you mention the name Jesus, tensions flare and the conversation becomes less tolerant. I have heard many pastors say " It takes a whole lot of money to finance the Kingdom of God ". Well it may take money to keep the lights on, the air conditioning / heating going in these buildings and the pastors paid. But the Kingdom of God does not have to be financed it has to be preached (taught) and not by gurus but by truth seeking God fearing Believers.
Sorry for being so lengthy but I just want to say thank for allowing The Lord to use you. I will use this site as one of my teaching aids as I study the Word on my own with the Holy Spirit as my Guide.
Thanks and God Bless


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