A newly re-edited book

By Brother Steve Phillips

A returned missionary from West Africa

“Counterfeiting is a serious crime attached with severe punishments for those offending. Not only are private citizens defrauded and deceived thereby, but it is an assault against the integrity of the federal government issuing the genuine.

“An imitation, deceptively similar in many particulars, is circulated in its stead. Yet once detected, it is exposed for the valueless fraud that it is. Citizens are then alerted to the distinguishing characteristics of the look-alike imposture. Only then will the worthlessness of this pseudo-currency be realized. When identified, false bank notes are not merely discarded as useless, but are reported to the authorities that the criminals responsible might be apprehended.

“When seized, their printed works are confiscated while they await judgment by trial. It is no small thing this counterfeiting, this taking advantage of others by passing off as authentic what is actually a deluding lie.
The fraudsters may profit from this illicit trade, that is, until their scam is unmasked in all its treachery. Then, the citizenry indignantly despise both the forgers and their works. The people return to lawful utilization of the genuine while the thieving imitators are left to reap what they have sown at the bar of justice.

“It is hoped that this volume will serve to encourage a return to the lawful and legitimate in Christianity while identifying counterfeits which have been so widely distributed to the demise and impoverishment of the unsuspecting.”

“Positive Confession”