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“Salad Bowl Sunday” 
Ecumenical Event Corrupts the Gospel

Another Kitsap Pavilion ecumenical event is promoting a false unity that perverts the Gospel and helps to merge professing Christians into the global religious amalgam. The “6th Annual Salad Bowl Sunday”, scheduled for February 27th, was advertised in the Bremerton Sun newspaper. The ad included the photos of six area clergymen and the event was said to be sponsored by: Sylvan Way Baptist Church, House of Refuge Fellowship Church, Emmanuel Apostolic Church, Crossroads Neighborhood Church, Bremerton Church of the Nazarene, Sinclair Missionary Baptist Church, BAAMA, Grace Pentecostal GOGIC, and Kingston Christian Church.

Last years “Salad Bowl” was sponsored by Emmanuel Apostolic Church.

The purpose of the Salad Bowl Sunday is said to be, “… to come and celebrate the many ethnicities that make up Kitsap County…”  The ad goes on to say, “The nature of the event focusing on community participation and interaction has caused the Salad Bowl to grow from a one church orchestrated program to a celebration coordinated by several churches.”

It is very Biblical for followers of Jesus to love everyone and to be involved in the lives of the people in society. It is very Biblical for followers of Jesus to fellowship across the ethnic and racial boundaries that divide the world. But these Biblical priorities should not be used to promote clergy-driven, institutional events that yoke Biblical Christians with those that preach a different Jesus and a different gospel.

As an example of the corrupt nature of such events: Emmanuel Apostolic is a member organization of the denomination called the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. They teach that you are not saved unless you are baptized in "Jesus' name" only. That you must speak in tongues as an evidence of salvation. They do not believe in the Trinity, but teach that there is "Jesus only".

As followers of the Jesus of the Bible we ought to love everyone but not yoke in ministry with those who teach a different Jesus and a different gospel.

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