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Travels, People, & the Love of Jesus in this West African Nation

Jesus Loves the People of Sweet Salone

Sierra Leone is a beautiful country with a beautiful people. Their's is a colorful history with a recent, tragic civil war that ended in 2002. This is one of the poorest of nations.

In September 2007 a new president took office in Sierra Leone. By the grace of God there was minimal violence associated with the political campaigns. 

Steve & Patti Phillips are missionaries near the village of Rotaprr near Port Loko. Jim Baumgaertel and Jim Scott visited the Phillips for ten days in November - December 2007.

This site is dedicated to the work of Jesus Christ among His people in Sierra Leone.

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Emmanuel's Aunt & Mom in SL - by Jim Scott

Brother William on the Street

in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa


More Adventures in Freetown...

Brother William negotiates a price of gara fabric for Jim Scott

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Another Adventure in Sierra Leone



Two African Princesses...

... and an Amateur Interviewer.

Mari is Temne and lives in a village in northern Sierra Leone. Christianna is from Skokomish, Washington State, USA, and is translating using Krio, Temne, and English. The amateur interviewer is Jim Baumgaertel.

Video by Jim Scott


Watch us driving through Freetown in Sierra Leone. Video by Jim Scott.

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Back from West Africa

12/10/07 updated 12/12/07

Our Trip to Sierra Leone - Photos & Videos by Jim Scott

Videos: London from Jubilee Bridge - Rogbere Market - Rain

By the grace of God, Jim Scott and I returned this last Sunday evening. It was an indescribably wonderful ten days with Steve and Patti and the children.

Thank the Lord our six suitcases made it to Sierra Leone and we delivered all the gifts. Everyone was so appreciative.

We had wonderful fellowship with Peters, Quintin, Gladys, Foday, Williams, Freeman and many many others.

We were invited three times to the Temne village of Rotaprr for dinner and discussion.

Between sister Patti and Gladys and village elder Andrew we ate well: squirrel stew, monkey stew, crab stew, lots of rice with wonderful spicy red sauce, boiled cassava, roasted cassava, cassava leaf stew in palm oil, oranges we squeezed with our hands and drank, bananas, so much more.

We had many adventures in Freetown, including when the truck broke down on the way out after dark. Young brother Williams rescued us and took us to his extended family's home. Steve and Jim Scott and I slept in the same bed under a mosquito net. It was a long night. The next day we enjoyed nine hours of heart to heart discussion waiting for the truck to be fixed.

We were blessed to hear Steve teach the Bible several times, witness to the unsaved, and disciple believers. We took part in the Sunday morning meeting of the saints on the porch of the Phillips' home with the brethren and a number of people from the village. We sang many hymns and songs to the Lord Jesus, including the Krio chorus, "Tell God Tenke".

We thank the Lord, we praise the Lord. We are grateful for the participation of many in this expression of love to the Phillips and the brothers and sisters in Sierre Leone.

Jim Baumgaertel

Gospel for West Africa

Pretty African FungusAfrican Sunrise 1African Sunrise 2Pounding riceLandscape 1School GirlsAfrican BugBoys in Sierra LeoneRotaprr VillageMarket at Bere Junction 1Market at Bere Junction 2Nap time for pigletsLandscape 2Kids in the VillageHauling water from the wellCharcoal ProductionBafa - African GazeboAndrew of Rotaprr cooking Monkey StewChildren of Rotaprr


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