“Paul, an apostle (not sent from men nor through the agency of man, but through Jesus Christ and God the Father…..”

So Paul begins Galatians and reveals to us right up front the reason for his mighty success in proclaiming and carrying out the Lord’s will.

We find the same power and calling at work in Samuels life. In a period of great declension and unbelief the God of Israel performs a miracle by knitting him together in his mothers womb. When he is sent to live with Eli, dedicated to the Lord, we see the hand of God at work to do what He wants at the given time. Samuel was not sent by man. Samuel was sent into the midst of men who had corrupted the things of heaven and dragged them into the sink hole of flesh. This is a common and very obvious phenomenon.

Whether it was, Paul, Samuel, Isaiah or whoever, the Lord calls, then he equips. If either of these components is missing, it results in a dead work performed in a dead way. Is it to be any different today? Are we not personally get our marching orders from the Most High God? Does not each of us desperately need to receive from Him not only our work but obviously the divine power to carry it out? And yet in this busy, busy day of religious activity there are no shortage of entrepreneurs that are simply certain as to what the Lord’s will is for our lives. Whether these men are sincerely interested in doing God’s will or are simply deceived is not the point. The point is that God has something for His children that no one can assign or declare to them.

God forbid that any of us, through impatience or unbelief, squander our calling to wait on Him for power and service. Many times I have had to prayerfully ponder Moses’ forty years in Midian. If we simply want to ‘work for God’, the possibilities can be endless. Many desire more human grease for the wheels of their machine. There are multitudes who are willing to provide that, it seems, whether or not it is being done with unction from God and with true results that have the stamp of approval from heaven. These are not light issues. When men are not willing to wait on God for His power and His wherewithal the only alternative is striking out in the flesh.

We are told clearly in the Word that this flesh profits nothing. I think we may need to have a definite examination of our hearts, our methods, and our attitude toward God and His methods. I am extremely grateful for any legitimate conversion, conviction, or fear of God that we see in this present age. But we must all be honest and admit that all three of those commodities are rare at this time.

Let us desire to prophesy and to build each other up in the most Holy faith, but let us beware of building up by the methods of the world and the power of fallen humanity, regenerated or not, something that may be found to be worthless in God’s eyes on that Great Day. We have each been given a measure of faith, the scripture clearly teaches this, whether that arm of faith is stubby or whether it is long and agile, we have to use that heavenly appendage to reach in to God’s heart to receive from Him our direction, our calling, and the power necessary to carry out His will. This is really the issue that separates the spiritual men from the boys. This generation needs to understand that we can conjure up nothing of value in God’s eyes.

Consider how many apparatus and devices just in your homes that are of no value if they do not receive what they were designed to receive. That is our position exactly. We were designed to receive from God everything for life, service, and holiness. Let us not busy ourselves manufacturing something inherently worthless. Let us learn to acquire feeding on Jesus as He tells us to do in the sixth chapter of John, moment by moment through our lives. A difficult task? No, an impossible task without the constant grace of God manifested in our lives.

We all obviously have a long way to go, but we have a great God, a mighty King, that has set all of His love on us, to take us there. I myself fear being disappointed in that Great Day of Judgment, not because I could not live up, but that I did not let God do the great work in me that only He can do. Brothers, let us press on, redeeming the time, for the days are evil.