by Fred Harris 11/3/09

Hi again.

I will try to share something I read the other week…..

Was reading the story in Luke chapter 8 about Jesus calming the seas. Got to the point of, “where is your faith?” Asked why did he say that? Read it some more… more… more…. wow, that is different. So I asked some people when the story got to that point, why did he say to them, where is your faith?

They were afraid
They didn’t believe God could save them.
They didn’t believe that it was truly God on the boat with them…
And stuff like that.

So I said what about the part of the story where he told them let US go to the other side. Not let me go, or let some of us go, but let US go to the other side. So that when you came and woke me up to say we are perishing, did you so easily forget that I said… LET US GO TO THE OTHER SIDE. Where is your faith?

To know. To have faith in, to trust that God said…. what a wonderful thing. They woke you up to say that they perish when you spoke!!!!! LET US GO TO THE OTHER SIDE. Where is your faith?

Realizing that God has spoken. And how many times have we awakened him to say that our situation is different from what he SAID. we wake him up screaming i’m alone and he says, where is your faith… did not before the storm of loneliness i say that i would never leave you nor forsake you, where is your faith? and since this storm was sent to teach you how to know that i said what i said…. storm (loneliness) be still!!!! They don’t want to learn you.

They received the benefits of the trip but they missed the journey. They could talk and testify of the goodness and power of God but missed the point. The point was not for you to have a testimony or a praise but that you would come to rest and trust in the WORD of God. The word that he proclaimed is more exalted than his own name.

We want deliverance but not the teaching and points of the journey. It is like your children having a major geography test coming up and you take them across country to all the major sites. they get back to school telling everyone about your goodness to take them on this trip. They tell of the time spent and how much fun they had. But in the end they fail the test because they enjoyed the trip but missed the journey.

That God from the time spent but that wasn’t the point of the trip. That God for being able to get out, but that wasn’t the point of the journey. They received the benefits of the trip and missed the journey and when it came time to display that which you should have learned, you can’t.

Again we want God to help us out of every situation. but now that you are about to be eaten by lions. I’m not delivering you today. No tricks. The lions are going to eat you. The sad thing is you never learned to stand on what I said.

Hope that is understandable

My wife and I were talking about some things the other day and I mentioned to her that the “church” or those that assume they are the church want tricks and not truth.

Take care Jim
I do believe that you understand that the above is not to suggest that God would not give another chance to learn that which our faith falters on. But we need to come up and do better. It is sort of like the death bed confession. Would never say it isn’t true or that it doesn’t work…. but the fact remains, we just don’t know if we will get that chance so, be ready now. Like the one verse says… in the day you hear my voice, harden not your heart…..

Fred Harris