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True New Testament Fellowship is not New!


In the New Testament, the brethren met in simplicity in local assemblies. The professional clergy system did not yet exist. The Roman Catholic Priesthood did not yet exist. I believe that there has always been, since New Testament times, a remnant chosen by grace, following the Lord Jesus Christ, who met outside of the religious systems, in simplicity. The "Reformation" did not really restore anything. The people in the reformation either left the religious systems to join the remnant that was already outside the camp, or they left one corrupt religious system to start more corrupt religious systems. Some of the groups that may have been examples of the remnant outside the establishment religious systems were some of those who came to be called Waldensians (1000-1200 AD) or Anabaptists (1500s) or the Plymouth Brethren (1800s). I don't necessarily endorse any modern groups by those names. But our heritage is awesome!

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