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What Can Be Known About Truth?


[1] Truth is Knowable

To deny this is self-defeating. That is, to state “No truth is knowable” is to make a statement about truth which is either true or false. If true, then a knowable statement about truth has been made which nullifies the claim that “No truth is knowable.” If false, then obviously, truth can be known.


[2] Truth is Not Perspectival

To deny this also self-defeating. For to claim that “All truth-claims are perspectival” is itself a claim to absolute truth which, if true, falsifies its original assertion.


[3] Truth is communicable

That is, inner subjective propositional communication and objective knowledge of propositions is possible. In other words, there can be exact decoding of what has been encoded, though not exhaustively. To deny that truth is communicable is self-defeating by the fact of affirming by the very statement that which is being denied.


[4] There exists absolute truth

Obviously, to aver that “All truth is relative” is to implicitly contradict what is being propounded.



“True” truth, including absolute truth, can be objectively known, communicated, and apprehended by minds of differing perspectives. This is undeniable.

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