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I do appreciate being able to learn about your branch of preterism. I’m sure that our Lord Jesus will use this for good regardless of how much validity it may or may not have. 

Genesis through Revelation, 66 books written by multiple people over 1500 years, is God’s complete and unique written communication with humans. In it is a perspective of reality that only the Creator of the Universe could provide, as opposed to some human writing a book that he claims is cosmic and from god. That unique perspective of reality, in the Bible, includes a global perspective of people: all nations, tribes, and tongues; an all encompassing analysis of the human condition and commandments for governing every area of human existence; and an overall outline of the history of creation and human history from creation to New Heaven & New Earth. Genesis through Revelation is about Jesus from eternity to eternity. 

Most certainly God’s perspective is not our perspective; His ways are not our ways; His understanding is beyond our understanding. 2 Peter 3 speaks that, to our Lord, a day is like a 1000 years and 1000 years is like a day. 

It is clear to me that when Peter explained the events of Pentecost to the observers; he said that these events were the fulfillment of the Prophet Joel’s words about the last days. The last days had begun. For the 2000 years since, that same political, economic, and religious system that crucified Jesus has been preparing the world for a counterfeit Christ. Nothing could be clearer to me than that the whole world is prepared for a universal religious vision built on Self and the lie of the Garden of Eden and the vision of the Tower of Babel. And like in the time of Noah, every inclination of the thoughts of man’s heart is only evil all the time. 

Just like there is no hope for the “flesh” of a man, but rather it must die and that man must be born again of the Spirit; similarly, there is no hope for this world system. It must be destroyed and created anew as a New Heaven and New Earth.


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