Proclamation, Invitation, & Warning

Calvary Chapels and Purpose Driven - Emergent Church - Contemplative Sprituality Techniques


From a Lighthouse Trails Special Report

"Roger Oakland, of Understand the Times, has been ministering to Calvary Chapel pastors around the world for 20 years. As Roger has observed the growing influence of contemplative and emerging in both Calvary Chapel churches and the body of Christ, he believes what we are witnessing in much of evangelicalism today is a subtle return to Roman Catholicism. Roger has counted the cost as he has continued to speak up and warn the church, often being criticized for his stand. On the eve before Calvary Chapel pastors head to California for their annual meeting, Roger has written a powerful and important report that we are presenting to you now:

The Emerging Church: Another Road to Rome"
"For more information on contemplative and emerging,
please refer to Lighthouse Trails Research Project

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