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2/15/2010 - These issues have not been a problem lately. We remain very grateful for the ministry of the brothers associated with The Berean Call like we have for the last 30 years.


5/9/09 modified 5/11/09

What is happening in Bend, Oregon at the Berean Call?

I know that Dave Hunt and Tom McMahon have health problems, but who is running the ministry? Who is selecting the Daily Updates?

There is a continuing shift in their message towards promoting the American pantheon and promoting the call of Americanism and mixing it in with the New Testament call of the Church.

Pray for the brethren involved that they would persevere in a message of pure devotion to Jesus Christ.

5/11/09 Ed, who helps at the Berean Call, referred me to this article which I had seen in one of TBC's mailings. It's a very good article on this subject by Mark Dinsmore.

Would Paul Answer the Call to Christian Patriotism?

As I told Ed, I did read this. And this was an encouragement. But somebody at TBC is responsible for sending a mixed message on these topics.

Please Pray for the Berean Call

Four Ways Christians Are Deceived


Pray for 
the Brothers and Sisters who minister via

The Berean Call

10/9/06 modified 10/10/06

(Strikethroughs and rewording based on email discussion with a Berean Call customer service representative.)

Please pray for Dave Hunt and Tom McMahon, who lead the organization and for the staff that serves the Assembly of Christians around the world.

Pray for Dave and his wife, Ruth, and for their adult daughter, Janna, who is going through treatments for cancer.

Brother Dave Hunt has probably had at least as much of an impact on my Christian life as any other person. 

I don't know Dave personally and I've only met him once briefly when he spoke at a local church. And yet the Lord used Dave Hunt's ministry, since about 1980, through newsletters, books, videos, and audio tapes to rescue me first from "motivational training" and "human potential" deceptions, and then later from "Christian activism" and the "Coalition On Revival". It was through Dave's ministry that I learned the importance of following the Lord Jesus, alone, and not "gurus"; and about comparing EVERYTHING to God's Word as the standard of Truth.

It was a blessing when Brother Dave took the time to discuss Jesus Christ with a flight attendant on one of his frequent trips. It happened to be my sister!

The Berean Call's administrative assistant led one of our closest friends to the Lord many years ago.

Please pray about the following concerns I have about the Berean Call and their current ministry. 

1. That their legitimate support for Israel and the Jewish people and their opposition to Islam will not seduce them into a political activism mode that distracts from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was Dave that helped ME to see the corrupt nature of idolatrous political pursuits!

2. That they will rethink their yoking with apparent endorsement of Tim LaHaye who is listed as an endorser in at least one of their books, What Love Is This?. It concerns me that in the name of opposing Calvinism (I agree that militant Calvinists must be confronted) they would yoke with endorse Tim LaHaye and therefore overlook his own deceptions which are at least as serious as militant Calvinism. Tim LaHaye helped to popularize psychology and disguised astrology through his "Four Temperaments" book series. Tim LaHaye was very much involved in the seduction of American Christianity into political activism and morality crusades through his Moral Majority of California and his Coalition of Traditional Family Values. His wife, Beverly, continues to seduce professing Christians into the "culture wars" through Concerned Women for America. Recently, Tim LaHaye endorsed Mel Gibson's movie, Passion of the Christ.

3. That they will rethink their yoking with Calvary Chapels. Or they will rethink their approach when speaking to Calvary Chapel congregations. For the most part I believe that most Calvary Chapel clergymen preach the real Jesus and the true Gospel, for which I rejoice. But their leadership structure with a one-man "Pastor/Teacher" who exerts a Moses-like authoritarian control over each congregation is not a Biblical, healthy example to set for the rest of the Body of Christ. I have personally heard Dave Hunt advocate the leadership of an assembly by multiple elders. Calvary Chapels do not have true elders. They are ruled by one man who has an advisory board who are called, "elders". Part of the reason that Evangelicalism is so deceived is BECAUSE of people who follow their leaders as gurus because their leaders are allowed to have unbiblical authority over their brethren!

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