Some thoughts about Paul Shirk's Book, Come
Out of Her My People

As quoted in the Summer 2009 issue of
Media Spotlight (which I
usually agree with) Posted here 6/15/09

Paul Shirk states:

“If God has ordained government and rulers over the
affairs of this life then it cannot be said that He is indifferent
to earthly government, but rather that He has a specific will
concerning it.”

Of course God is not indifferent to earthly government. That does
not mean that He has expressed in the Bible what civil governments
should do.

All authority exists by God’s will and for His purposes, though
none of the individuals who are in power in those governments are
necessarily endorsed by Him. God raises up kings and He takes down
kings. How God deals with these rulers is His business.

Those who have not been reconciled to God through Jesus Christ
are enemies of God. There is nothing they can do to please God.
God’s calling for individuals, whether in power as rulers or not, is
to repent and trust in Jesus.

For Christians, the important question is what has the New
Testament called us to be concerned with?

Yes, we are to exemplify and proclaim Biblical morality, but only
in the context of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yes, we are to obey civil government.

But there is not a single command in the New Testament that tells
us to concern ourselves with how worldly governments constitute

There is great pressure for professing Christians to become
politically active to one degree or another.

I recommend we derive our priorities and zeal from specifically
what the New Testament commands and not try to contrive extra
biblical agendas for the assembly of Christ.