Would it be right for a Christian to write an allegorical novel that portrayed the good guys as routinely being sexually immoral and that, within the story, it was considered alright, because it’s an allegory?

Many would call a novel, portraying such sexual immorality, pornography.

I believe that magic and the occult are at least as evil as sexual immorality. Marriage is a living metaphor for faithfulness between Jesus and His Bride. Sexual immorality is a living metaphor for spiritual adultery and idolatry. Magic and the occult are idolatry. Jesus said that if we think about a woman immorally we’ve committed adultery. I’m not sure how that applies to witchcraft. But should we be entertained by that which God condemns? Are we not influenced by what we see advocated? Is it right to advocate that white magic is ok? How many young people have travelled the path of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, Society for Creative Anachronism, Wicca?

I support the freedom of a Christian to read what ever they want. It’s between them and the Lord. No one has the right to create a list of approved books or unapproved books. I’m raising the question if it’s right to portray magic as good in an occult fantasy story.

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