(These are general questions and not meant to be taken personally by any specific organizations or individuals.)

1. Should the life of a congregation of Christians revolve around the personality of a man?

2. Should human leaders try to be the Holy Spirit in peoples lives?

3. Should meetings of believers be productions for spectators to watch?

4. Who is truly our Pastor? Whose sheep are we?

5. Must a Christian Fellowship be operated like a business corporation? Must it have a CEO? Must it have assets to acquire and control? Should leaders act like employers? Should Christian brothers be treated like employees?

6. Is frantic, unrelenting activity, projects, programs necessarily the same thing as Holy Spirit-led ministry?

7. Is the Church a human organization that must be “controlled” or “operated” or is the Church simply the individuals who belong to Jesus and who are called to be in a relationship with each other?

8. Should there be a priesthood-class of men over the laity or does the Bible teach the priesthood of all believers?