Gig Harbor, Washington State USA

Posted  4/19/08 Updated 11/25/11, 8/21/2017

After years in Calvary Chapels and about five years hoping to be a part of a mature Biblical house church, I decided that my family would become a part of CBF. That was about 2003.

People had told me that if I ever found the perfect Church, don’t join it because I would ruin it. Well this one was already ruined by the time I got there 🙂 … But seriously folks…

CBF was not exactly what I had had in mind, but it has had a lot of very good qualities for which I am grateful.

At the time we became a part of CBF there were two of the elders who served as what some would call “co-pastors”. In the bulletin the only leaders that were named, four men, were simply listed as “elders”. I was very impressed by that. There did not seem to be any one man who tried to usurp the role of Christ by exalting himself to central prominence.

The New Testament pattern of participation was more evident than most churches. Multiple brothers taught the main Sunday morning teaching as well as the adult Sunday School Bible studies. Many different brothers had the opportunity to lead the Lord’s Table. Regularly, there would be open times where brothers and sisters in Christ could testify, read a scripture, or request a hymn. These aspects have been a great blessing.

Any assembly of believers in Jesus Christ have the choice, day by day, to move closer to New Testament truth and the pattern of Christ or to move closer to the patterns of this world.

New Testament Fellowship vs. Churchianity

“Our Fellowship: Community Bible Fellowship is a non-denominational gathering of believers seeking to give glory to God and follow His word. We emphasize… our relationship with God through Christ in worship, nurturing one another toward Christlikeness, equipping believers with the word of God, and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to the world.”