On November 20th, 1986, I was required to attend a one day "Train the
Trainer" program. Since I was an instructor who taught new engineers about shipboard
engineering power plants, I thought it was going to be useful in helping me to teach
technical topics. However, midway through the day the contract instructor turned off the
lights, told everyone to close their eyes, take a deep breath, and he led everyone on a
guided imagery, visualization trip to Maui with sand between the toes and a breeze in the
face. I’m sure that many Christians have been through similar situations in the years
since this happened to me.

See the below articles for more of the story. I pray the Lord would give you
insight that would help rescue others you know who are deceived by these false
philosophies and techniques.


The guided imagery, visualization technique prompted me to protest the class to my
management, and I began to investigate other courses taught by the Naval Shipyard where I
worked. I found that the "Increasing Human Effectiveness" course taught an
entire life-philosophy that we can each create our own reality through the powers of our

I was convinced that this was a case of the U.S. government teaching Eastern Mysticism and
occult philosophies in the form of "Motivational Training". So, I first appealed
by memo to my management and later submitted a class action religious discrimination
complaint against the shipyard and the U.S. Navy via the Equal Employment Opportunity
(EEO) system. The EEO complaint was eventually rejected.

On the way through the process, the story was picked up by the media along with several
other similar cases throughout the country. Our stories ended up in the
New York Times, on
the Associated Press wire, in "Christianity Today", and ABC’s 20/20 program, and
in many other print and broadcast media.

After the EEO complaint was rejected, the next step would have been to file suit in
federal district court. I consulted some attorneys who professed to be Christians and we
counted the costs. It never seemed to me that they truly grasped the implications or my
concerns and suing the government would have been very expensive. So I decided not to file
suit, but wanted to continue confronting "Human Potential" training in the
"market place of ideas".

At the time, I was still in a "Christian Activist" mode, so I formed a local
informal group called, "Citizens Against a State Religion". We continued to
expose and oppose human potential training in the government school districts, in the
federal, state, and local government training programs, and in private corporation

A slight victory occurred in February 1988 when the Federal EEO commission issued a policy
warning against forcing people to attend New Age training programs.

Eventually the Lord completed the process of drawing me out of the "Christian
Activist" mentality. I began to realize that the very things I was confronting in
society at large were being embraced whole-heartedly among Evangelical Christians. I began
to wonder what good it was to confront the pagans with these things when my fellow
Christians were being deceived by the same things.

Since that time, I have gone through many phases in which I have tried to warn those who
profess to be followers of the Lord Jesus. I am including articles on this website that
tell the above story in the hopes that more individuals would be warned about these
deceptions and that somehow others could gain from the experiences that the Lord Jesus
brought my wife and me through.

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