Letter to the Editor of Procinwarn.com

“The article about Christian women being influenced by J. Lo and Beyonce really spoke my concern. I have a 14 yr old and almost 13 year old who are being raised to love the Lord but the oldest has grown into a full figured woman over night and the same thin shirts (which they layer and hug tightly) she has always worn look too provocative now. I sent her to school upset by my words of disapproval with her top (and tight jeans).  It’s sooooo hard to find modest clothing now and if they want to fit in (and not be a total oddball) then it’s impossible to dress them in anything modest.  I am distraught over the arguing that we all three had (both daughters) as I sent them to school for a hectic day of SOLs.

“Please pray for me and all the Christian moms going through this delimma –  living in today’s world but trying not to be of the world.   Satan has been enjoying our slow decent (the world’s influence) for a long time and it pains me to think my girls have to grow up in this time where anything goes.  I’ve been praying over them since they were infants, so I know God has a special plan for them.  However, it really is a battle to live in the world and not be sucked into the idolatry of self (image and beauty and wealth and status).

“Thanks and God bless,

“Gina in Newport News, Virginia”