“Hello Dr. Glenn Beck—Thanks to Liberty University”

From Ed Decker of Saints Alive in Jesus 5/22/10

“Saturday morning in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University conveyed an honorary doctorate in humanities and scientists on Mormon conservative media heavyweight Glenn Beck. Breaking into his trademark tears, Beck told the stadium of 8,000 Liberty University grads and 20,000 friends and family members, “as a man who was never able to go to college—I went for one semester but I couldn’t afford any more than that—I am humbled and honored.” Beck immediately offered an apology of sorts for his Mormonism, saying that it was an act of “courage” for the fundamentalist Baptist Liberty University to invite him to speak and that he understood it was “not meant as an endorsement of my faith,” offering instead his own “endorsement of your faith,” emphasizing his personal belief in Jesus Christ, and exhorting the audience to “look to God and live,” a reference to the story of Moses and the brazen serpent (Numbers 21: 7 -9).”      Ed Decker quoting Joanna Brooks

“Ed Comments:   You have to wonder what some of our most prestigious Christians think about the gospel of Christ when they allow a cultist to stand in front of a graduating class of  Christian students.   They can now look at Mormons as being our brothers and sisters in Christ.  After all, Glenn Beck is a solid Conservative, who talks about his Christian faith.  Here he is speaking at commencement in a Christian University!  He even teared up. Wow.     No one told them that the Mormon Jesus doesn’t save anyone and God of Mormonism is an exalted man from another planet and that Beck himself strives to become a god, himself.   The Mormons, like all cults, play word games and twist scripture for their own purposes and foolish men and women are beguiled by the  sweet aroma of feigned holiness and humility. God help the Christian body when things like this become the norm.   Because if this, I am republishing the following article by James Squire, regarding the twisting of Holy Scripture. Please take the time to read it through.”   http://www.saintsalive.com/

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