What’s that?

NWO Niceness is part of the world religion. It seeks to unite the world in a Tower of Babel Heaven on Earth, without the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a do-gooder religion. It is a smiling, peace and harmony religion. It is a Positive Thinking, Positive Visualization Religion.

Within the professing Church, NWO Niceness takes the form of Unity at the expense of the Truth. Positive sweetness that attacks anyone wanting to speak the truth in love.

The message of the Cross is foolishness to those who are perishing. We must speak up when the influences of false christs and false gospels come into the Church in various forms.

We must be motivated by love, but we must speak the truth.

And the truth is not popular in the world or in the worldly church.

New World Order Niceness is increasingly popular both in the world and the professing Church.