My concerns about Ron Boehme and YWAM have to do with the four ways that Christians are being deceived in my article of that title.

As an example, one of many, in his book Leadership for the 21st Century he quotes Reconstructionist, Gary North (p. 158): 

“We are seeing a shift in practical eschatology. It now includes a vision of victory. Better to plan for a long-term program to subdue the whole earth, generation by generation, than to squander our capital in a short-term sprint to save a remnant and then leave the world to the devil. Aim high, aim carefully, and shoot long.”

Ron Boehme goes on to comment: 

“Some are beginning to see the extremely negative consequences of living every day as if it were our last, as if Christ were coming at any moment. If we are consistent with that view, then it can easily lead to doing very little to change our world, and to do little if any long-range planning. And those who do no long-range planning can never lead.”

There is much for sincere followers of Jesus to discuss about these things. It all comes down to what does the Lord call us to in the New Testament and what does the New Testament not say.

Consider Ron Boehme’s campaign slogan for state representative:

“A Proven Leader Who will RESTORE THE DREAM



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