Editor, The Sun (December 1994)

Christianized idolatry – that is what the themes of several of the recent
political campaigns were. “Revive the American Dream!”…”Safe and Secure”…
The only way to truly be safe and secure is by leaning on the everlasting arms
of the Lord Jesus. Any other hope is a false hope. In fact the Bible says that
in the last days the world will be crying, “‘Peace and Safety’, and then sudden
destruction will come upon them.”

The “American Dream” is another such false hope. Our “dreams” or visions are
conjured up in our own imaginations which are in rebellion against God. Those
who profess to be Christians are to die to our own agendas, saying,” not my will
but Your will be done”. Those who see America as something special to God did
not get that idea from the Bible but from the worldly propaganda of men. America
is a pagan nation that is destined for judgment and destruction as is every
pagan nation on this earth.

Followers of Jesus are called to be ambassadors from our sovereign Lord to
this foreign world system. Our priorities should be the same as those of Noah,
getting people on board the ark, which is not made of wood this time.

Crusades for “Morality”, Political Action, Social

“I have a VISION!” “Achieve your DREAMS” ???

Ron Boehme