Worldly Agenda

The Truth Project expresses some profound truths from the word of God, but then, at strategic points the scriptures are twisted to turn our heavenly calling into an earthly agenda.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is replaced by the “World View”.


Twisting Isaiah

In the first Truth Project lesson, in the introduction by Del Tackett, there is a rich account of Isaiah 6 where Isaiah is called to be a prophet of God. Isaiah is quoted, “I am a man of unclean lips and I live among a people of unclean lips”. The seraph is said to have touched his lips with the hot coal. God says, “Whom shall I send?” And Isaiah is quoted in saying, “Here am I. Send me.” Del Tackett then says that this shows that God wants to turn us into a “World Changer”. But in context, that is not what Isaiah 6 is teaching. Nowhere in this section of scripture and nowhere in the New Testament is the church of Jesus Christ called to be “World Changers” or those who battle to take back our culture or those who pursue “Global Transformation”.

The Priest

One example of how the Truth Project compromises the Gospel by yoking with other religions to battle for the culture is the inclusion in the twelfth lesson of “Father” or “Reverend” Robert Sirico, a Roman Catholic priest. Roman Catholicism teaches a false gospel of works.


In the eighth lesson, Del Tackett, promotes the idea that God has given us a drive for “significance”. This should be seen in the context of Focus on the Family’s decades long promotion of “self-esteem”. The Bible does not call us to cultivate any significance for self, rather we are called to die to self and follow Jesus.


Religious Men

In lesson 10, Del Tackett likens the memorials and murals in Washington, D.C., to the memorial stones that the children of Israel set up to remind the people of God of what the Lord has done. He refers to one mural in the Capitol depicting Christopher Columbus. Del Tackett tries to portray Columbus as a Biblical Christian and his voyages as Biblical missions. Research Columbus’ trips to the islands of the New World to find this most certainly was not the case. Del Tackett tries to portray Benjamin Franklin as a “religious” man. “Religious” does not mean born again through Jesus Christ. Research Benjamin Franklin to find that he was not a godly man and never claimed to be one who professes the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Out of Context

Del Tackett quotes 2 Chronicles 7:14 out of context just as the Reconstructionists and Dominionists have for the last 30 years. The message that is advocated is that if American Christians will do this, this, and this, God will make America great again. But God has never promised to make America great under any circumstances.

Of course, this verse was not written to Americans. It was written to the people of the ancient nation of Israel. To try to apply it to America is to take it out of context. This promise of God was not made to America. It was made to ancient Israel. It no more applies to us in America than to Noah in his time and country. Noah and his family did humble themselves, and sought God’s face, and turned from their wicked ways. God forgave their sins, but he did not heal their land. It was destined for judgment and destruction. America is destined for judgment and destruction as is every nation of this pagan world system.

It is a serious deception to quote the word of God and then twist it to turn our heavenly calling into an earthly agenda.

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