About the Editor (updated 6/3/2017)

My name is Jim Baumgaertel. I live in Port Orchard, Washington State with my wife, Kim. We have four adult children and three grandchildren. We are a part of an assembly, Harbor Bible Church, that meets in a rented building. Our church has a plurality of leadership with no professional clergymen. The elders and other brothers share in the teaching. House churches are very biblical. I advocate church fellowships that have a true plurality of leadership whether they meet in houses or other buildings. For more of my testimony please see my “Introduction” or “The Summer of 76“. For more insight into my understanding of scripture please see my “Statement of Faith“. The Statement of Faith is subject to change as I pray that I would continue to be “transformed by the renewing of” my mind (Romans 12:2) as I trust in Jesus, by the work of the Holy Spirit, according to God’s Word, the Bible. I want the Bible to be the standard of Truth, not mine or anyone’s “Statement of Faith”!

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