From my friend, Fred Harris, emailed July 12th, 2010

Saw this on your site….. you must be trying to get yourself in trouble 🙂

I asked a mother of two young boys….. would you let your sons watch shows like Gossip Girl?

Obvious answer… NO!

Well how about letting them watch Victoria Secrets Underwear Show?

Again, No!

Or…. would you let them stand in the check out line and look over all the mags that are there?

Again, NO!

I then said but you take them to the beach and give them your blessing and an eye full of what……….?

I know people who will say that it is not their fault that men are enticed with immorality…… they say you shouldn’t be looking.

But I guess that is easy for non visual females. They have no concept that being visual is EVERY man’s kryptonite.

It is funny how “Christian” girls want to look and dress like the sinners they are trying save. I guess the “sinners” get a good laugh at that.

But I agree with your writer [see below]…. not sure if i would have used the “P” word 🙂

How are we different from the world when we dress, act, talk, watch and go to the same places they do?

And God help our girls in this visually sex filled society.

“Young women who profess to be Christians who wear low cut tops that expose the tops of their breasts are dressing like prostitutes who entice young men to immorality. Jesus does not want us to be prostitutes OR Pharisees.”