Most recent Lighthouse Trails article: Letter to the Editor: Concerned About Voice of the Martyrs Catholic Promotion – added 9/24/2013

“From a Lighthouse Trails reader (who spent years as a
missionary in Latin America) who sent the following letter to Tom White of Voice
of the Martyrs and gave us permission to post this. We do so as we share this
reader’s concern over the direction that VOM appears to be taking:

“Dear Dr. White:

“Enclosed is a copy of a VOM prayer card for the country of Colombia.  The data on the back states: “Christian 95.45%.”  All I can say to this, is “You’ve got to be kidding!”  Even the USA can’t boast of such a high percentage of Christians!  For me, the definition of
Christian is a person who believes that the shed blood of Jesus on the cross is
the only means of salvation, by faith alone, not works or denomination.  Roman
Catholics (with very very few exceptions) believe they are saved (i.e.,
justified) by works and belonging to the “Holy Mother the Roman Catholic
Church.”  They themselves specify when asked, “No, I’m not  Christian, I’m

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